The contract is ready and I just finished my WIP

Yesterday I got word from my fabulous agent, Kate McKean, that my contract with Running Press is ready to be signed. I now have reason to look forward to my mail. Coincidentally, I finished my WIP the same day. I’ve been working on this manuscript since June, I believe. As a teacher, the summer months tend to blend.

It is the first time I have typed directly. I usually outline, write long hand and then type. But my life has been a time crunch recently, so I knew I had to change up my method.

Now I’ll let the story rest, and once I am finished revising Tap Out for my fabulous editor, Lisa Cheng, I’ll return to it and decipher how far afield I strayed from my original concept.

The premise? I can’t divulge that yet. But writing about teenage boys messing up in serious ways is my thing, so chances are…

Hang around and I’m sure to leak an excerpt or two.

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