Quick Rejection

I submitted “Snow in October” to The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (http://matterpress.com/journal/)  and they rejected me within a few hours. It’s all right. Rejections happen.

The email did indicate that they enjoyed the piece, and I appreciate that. I’ve been told far less on so many rejections. In fact, I’ve given presentations that have included a board littered with a sampling of rejection letters I’ve received over the years. It is always eye-opening to witness the reaction of others, those outside of writing, who cannot fathom how I (we) continue to write, in spite of such a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Eh, it’s what we do.

And so I’ve submitted “Snow in October” elsewhere. Why not? It may take, or it may not. Either way, I’m still challenging myself. That’s the true purpose of writing for me. To see if I can. And then to see if I can go one better. Typically, that’s the draft that gets accepted, or at least a kind rejection.