A signed contract and MMA bare knuckle brawling

Two completely disparate topics, I know, but not necessarily for me. My world is all about my forthcoming novel Tap Out, but because of its focus on the world of MMA, included in that scope are all things related to the sport.

Therefore, I was beyond excited when my contract came in last Tuesday. I read all 14 pages, shot an email of questions to Kate McKean the next morning, who promptly answered them with her typical astute brevity. I signed and sent the copies to Kate on Wednesday. The rest is now behind the scenes. Until the first half of the advance comes that is. Then I might pass out. All good, though. I’ll take a header over something this significant.

Someone who won’t dive is Dada 5000. I came across an article in Maxim, titled “Knuckle Up!”, and could not have read it with more interest. Dada 5000 has parlayed a backyard, bare knuckle fighting circuit, into a chance at an MMA career via YouTube, his charisma and a forthcoming documentary, Dawg Fight. He’s set to fight Kimbo Slice (ironically, a neighborhood friend) and the bout will be an epic brawl. I’m following Dada on Twitter, looking forward to Dawg Fight, and am thrilled that the proliferation of MMA continues.

Tap Out speaks to the absolute core of this world, and I am so thankful to Lisa Cheng and Perseus for affording me the opportunity to unleash it.

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