Smile for the camera. Wait…don’t.

I had my first professional photo shoot, and it was nothing like the school pictures and family photos I’ve posed for throughout the years. No, this was all about me, my image and the tone I want to set. It was thrilling and awkward at the same time. And of course, there was no smiling.

Meaghan Carney shot my pictures and couldn’t have been more exacting. From the moment we hit the street, she had a sense of where I needed to be framed. Within moments a small city I’ve known for years came alive with compelling backdrops.

Meaghan understood what I wanted: bad-ass. I write primarily dark and violent YA literature, and I believe my picture should offer a sense of where my fictional worlds come from. The cracking stone walls, graffiti-strewn bricks, and time-worn church door, all set beneath a gray sky couldn’t have been more appropriate.

I cannot wait to select from the 300 pictures taken the one that will appear on the jacket for Tap Out. Meaghan made me feel as if I were in one of my own stories. Therefore, I know the images that emerge will be accurately reflective.

Thanks Meaghan.

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