Visible Darkness

It is difficult to focus these days. I’m anticipating the revision letter for Tap Out, but am still trying to use my time in between projects wisely. I don’t know if I’m succeeding or not. I’ve written multiple short pieces, two of which I’ve just posted under “Writing Samples.” They are the only two I feel safe putting out there. The rest are too violent or too vulgar, or both. I even wrote a dark piece about Santa Claus, the day after Christmas, and an Elf mutiny. Regardless of what I write, it’s dark. I’m embracing that, but it is unsettling.

I’m the father of two young children, and with the holidays rapidly approaching, this is red-alert, step-it-up parenting time. So why am I writing about such dark material instead of keeping my attention on them and happy thoughts and reindeer? This morning I created a spin on “Little Red Riding Hood”. Downright chilling. Another piece is about a grandfather’s advice to a teen on handling a bully. Not even close to the PC messages of today.

I have no answer. Or none that I’m worth exploring. Because, to a degree, I am happy to exist in this dark sphere. I believe I’m reflecting a bit more of reality than all of the happy messages that are currently bombarding us. Huh, maybe I found the solution right there.

Check out “Gamer” and “Us and Them” and feel free to comment. Thanks.