The Best Laid Plans Get Blown Up

I’m trying to find solace in planning. I mapped out my immediate and specific goals from now through the summer, and my one long term goal through the rest of the year. It looks so very nice on paper, but I know it’s going to turn into one steaming heap in the process.

My most significant concerns are preparing for the release of Tap Out in the fall of 2012 and revising/rewriting my next work (which I finished in October). I’m consulting Lisa Schroder’s very succinct Timeline and Checklist for YA or MG Book Release and am crossing my fingers that I can accomplish most of what’s there. Fortunately I’m not teaching over the summer. I’ll need the time.

It all makes me nervous. These are uncharted waters, and even though I will have help from Lisa Cheng, Kate McKean and my publicist at Running Press, this is still all on me. And so is the writing.

That last piece is all I know, and the one I still grapple with. I wake up in the morning, usually with a plan for the day’s writing, and know if I stick to the agenda I’ll be all right. Many months later a book emerges. Less time for short stories, but the idea is still the same. One project at a time, and all I have to do is write them. Now I’ll have the publicity for Tap Out, the revision for my next novel AND the responsibility to begin my next work. Holy Hell.

Trust me, there is no complaining, here. I am beyond lucky to have this opportunity. However, I am realizing the changing dynamics that lie ahead. I will have to adjust with them, and I have no idea what that will necessitate or look like. Scary.

It’s the fear of the unknown. Not solely a ubiquitous theme in literature, but a very pressing matter in my life. I do thrive on structure and order, yet have this habit of pushing to see what else I can accomplish, which blows all the pretty order to smithereens.

And then I clean up and start over.

Which leads me back to the planning…

I’d better secure my wife and daughters. This next act should be decimating.

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