So it’s a bit personal, but I didn’t want anyone overly concerned for my wife’s well-being. Thank you for your kind words.  She has Esophagitis caused from gastroesophageal reflux disease. Fun, I know. But at least it’s not all the “others” it could have been and she doesn’t require surgery. Some medicine and dietary changes and she’ll be good to go. Fortunately, I’m well-versed in “clean eating”, so I can be more than just moral support.

I imagine my daughter’s results won’t be in for another week. The Pediatric Endocrinologist we see is the only one in our area. She’s phenomenal, but obviously swamped. So fingers are crossed.

In the meantime, I have begun editing my WIP. I didn’t realize how long it was–close to 110,000 words–but so far, so good. I gave myself enough time away to have objectivity, yet I’m liking what’s there. Was even surprised a few times. Always a good sign. I’m using Chuck Wendig’s suggestions on a contextual edit and am finding the format very useful.

*Side note: I love Chuck’s posts and Tweets. If you aren’t following him, do so.

Beyond that, I’m looking forward to my upcoming spring break and some more time to be with my family and my writing.

More soon.

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