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I did not know much about Kirkus Reviews until last week when my editor Lisa Cheng forwarded their review of Tap Out. Which was followed immediately by another email from my agent, Kate McKean.

The emails came as I was driving to a speaking engagement at a local high school that uses my first novel, This Side of Normal, in their Biology curriculum. I was mentally running through the presentation when my phone chimed. When it chirped a second time I got nervous, pulled over and read.

Befuddlement swept over me. Kirkus didn’t ring any bells. Well, maybe one. I recently started following Kirkus MacGowan, on Twitter and thought for a moment that both of the industry connections in my life were emailing about him. I don’t know, maybe he was going to blurb Tap Out? I was excited. And then I read the review.

Now, I can’t reprint it in its entirety. For those of you with subscriptions, to Kirkus, the online version is up today. The print version will be out on May 15. However, I can give you one absolutely fantastic line, the very last of the review:

This is bound to have huge appeal to kids whose lives are being mirrored, and it may prompt luckier readers to take some positive action. 

Okay, so I quickly realized that this wasn’t about Mr. MacGowan and that some reviewing had occurred that I was not aware of. In the same moment, I was elated. This seemed awesome, but I still didn’t know who or what Kirkus was. And now I was running late for my speaking engagement.

I made it on time, delivered an inspiring presentation, then hung around and spoke with teachers and parents. When I returned to my van I dashed a quick text to my wife, explaining as best I could that I had some good news. She didn’t know who Kirkus was, either.

I Googled Kirkus immediately upon arriving home and became enlightened–They are, in their words, “The World’s Toughest Book Critics” (and after reading some reviews I tend to agree). I had no idea that Tap Out  was being reviewed by any critics, let alone such a stalwart of the industry. I guess this is the way things go, but I’m such a noob it’s embarrassing.

Regardless, I’m ecstatic for the review and appreciative to Lisa and Running Press for having the faith to submit Tap Out there.

I hope this is the beginning of the swirl of good vibes for Tap Out. It certainly feels that way, especially sinceCalifornia is on the horizon. But more on that next time…

8 thoughts on “Kirkus Review

  1. I was privilege to get to read the unedited version of Tap Out, what an awesome book for young
    people. It shows us challenges so many young people in today’s world face, in their own words.. The characters were so real I would love to see it in a movie. Nice job Eric, wishing you much success.

  2. Wow! Running with the big dogs. 🙂 Congratulations.

    Thanks for the mention as well, lol. Sorry about the confusion. At one point, I thought about naming the book review section on my blog, “Kirkus Reviews.” I’m glad I decided against it, haha.

    Gratz again! I wish you the best.

    Kirkus MacGowan

  3. Wow! Running with the big dogs. 🙂 Congratulations.

    Thanks for the mention, lol. Sorry for the confusion. At one point, I almost named the book review section on my blog, “Kirkus Reviews.” Glad I decided against it, haha.

    Gratz again! I wish you the best.

    Kirkus MacGowan

    p.s. Sorry if this comment shows up twice. WordPress acting funny today.

    • Kirkus, no worries. I’ll take your comments twice. Truly appreciated. You may still want to use “Kirkus Reviews”. Think of the hits. Thanks.

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