The Weight Of Hope

On Saturday, June 9th, I will be participating in CrossFit for Hope. In essence, CrossFit for Hope is a day for one workout and one cause–to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Donations for me can be made by going here.

Now, as an author, I also wanted to give more than just my time, energy and sweat. I wanted to donate my words. Therefore, the poem below is about Hope, about its existence around us, and its power. Feel free to share it (#CrossFitForHope; #CrossFit).

Let it be a piece read on June 9th, prior to the workout. Let it be a piece that reminds you of the symbolic element of CrossFit.  Let it be a piece that helps you float on, in spite of the weight of this world.

The Weight of Hope

We are bound to this earth, tethered by its expectations,
its complications.

But Hope floats.

It lingers just above all the heaviness,
all that weight.
We need only to look up.
Yet we focus on the tangible,
the surface beneath us,
upon which we shuffle, plod, get by.

But Hope floats.

Like one’s thoughts materialized
around our heads, not halos, but a salvation,
if we just look up.

Because we are afforded chances to share our burden,
to receive assistance with our task.

And it is in these moments we feel the intangible—
that sensation of hope—its buoyancy.
And we are lifted by its strength.

Hope floats.

–Eric Devine

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