4 thoughts on “Tap Out @ Book Expo America

  1. Hi Eric, sorry I’m checking this e-mail a little late. Your book looks very nice. Great cover too!! You must be so excited! I’m sure its great to see your book in full print. I’m actually working on a teen novel at the moment. Its about a teenage boy dealing with Type 1, among other things. Its a combination of Sci-fi, romance and fantasy. I’m revising it right now, but it seems like the revision process is harder than actually writing it. LOL! Congratulations! Have you started your next novel yet? I know in a previous post you said you have a very set writing schedule.

    • Glad you like the look of Tap Out. I love the design and cannot wait for the release. Yes, I have already written my next novel–in my agent’s hands currently–and I’m working on the next. That’s what my summers are for. Congrats on the writing. Revision is always more difficult. Harsh objectivity is the rule. And considering your topic, check out Sweet Blood if you haven’t already read it: http://www.amazon.com/Sweetblood-Pete-Hautman/dp/0689850484

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