What Excites Me About ALA

ALA Anaheim begins tomorrow. I am leaving on Saturday to be a part of this convention of awesome, and thought it might be fun to list what I’m most looking forward to. Ready? Here it is:

  1. Everything.

I’m not kidding. I’ve never been to any convention about writing. I’ve been to one local workshop and many education related events, but never anything strictly regarding the business of books. To say I’m excited is like saying John Green is an okay writer. He’s awesome and I’m losing my mind in anticipation.

I live in New Yorkand have been to Californiaone other time. I roamed San Franciscoand the Napa Valley and had one of the best vacations of my life. I have never been to Anaheim but know enough not to expect the funkiness of Haight Ashbury or the lushness of the vineyards. I will, instead, be in the heart of the city, surrounded by like-minded people: readers. We will all be there for one reason, the stories. I find that unbelievably compelling.

Additionally, I have a few events planned that I am thoroughly looking forward to: YALSA happy hour with fellow writer Bethany Crandell, dinner with my Running Press family and my signing on Sunday (1:30 – 3:30, Perseus booth #2476). And of course, the time in between where I’ll get to walk the floor and mix and mingle and enjoy the company of librarians, industry executives and other writers.

This may be the first time I am going to feel like a full fledged writer. I spend the majority of my time as an English teacher who has been published. Which is quite all right, because I love teaching and the insight interacting with my students brings. However, ALA marks a shift in this equation. Writing is being moved to the forefront and assuming an equal partnership with teaching. I like it. No, I love it.

Therefore, I want to extend my thanks to Perseus and Running Press and everyone there who has helped bring Tap Out to life. It is impossible to describe the swell of pride I feel knowing that so many not only considered my work and said yes, but that you keep doing so, are willing to send me to ALA, and are a vocal support of my work. This reader, turned teacher turned writer is ecstatic, and I have you to thank.

Now, if I can keep my head about me, I’ll be certain to report back after the weekend with a breakdown of the good times.

Until then.

9 thoughts on “What Excites Me About ALA

  1. *giggles* I made your blog post. That’s awesome! I’m excited to go, too. Though my docket won’t be as full, it will no doubt be a fun time. Safe travels!!

  2. I am so psyched for you Eric.
    You deserve every bit of this trip and I am eager to hear about it afterwards.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  3. You should be so proud Eric!! I can tell you’re very dedicated to your writing and you work hard at it. Can I borrow some of your drive and motivation? Have a great time and please update when you return!

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