I’m Back

I finally made it home from ALA. The delays were insane. Kidding. I returned this morning from a family trip toFlorida, following myALAwhirlwind. I have traveled so much in the past nine days that being home feels awkward, but the trips were well worth the while. I apologize for how late this post is, but putting family priorities ahead of writing allows me to write.

Following is a bulleted list of my ALA highlights:

  • Marriott Anaheim finagled a way for me to check in at 1 pm, because the customer service agent could tell I needed a nap.
  • YALSA Happy hour with Bethany Crandell. It was refreshing to be around so many people committed to books and to have drinks and swap stories with my sister author.
  • Dinner at Catal with my Running Press family and a diverse group of librarians. I barely stopped talking to eat. Writing, authors, education, parenting. What a down-to-earth group. And the food was amazing. Craig Herman is an excellent host, and I am so thrilled that his ninth grade English teacher gave him The Hobbit to read.
  • The signing. Could I ask for better company? Ken Baker is one chill individual. We sat elbow-to-elbow with a steady stream of ALA attendees for two hours. I can’t thank enough all who stopped and picked up a copy of Tap Out and my signature. I look forward to the reviews.
  • The librarians who stopped and thanked me for writing a book for boys, for those who are going to use it as a prize for their summer reading programs, for those who were appreciative of the fact that I was at Anaheim. That still blows my mind. Seriously, thank you for what you do. As an educator I know how difficult the work can be, but so very worth it. If I can make our jobs easier, I’m glad to do it.
  • Lisa Cheng deserves an award for not only being an amazing editor but for watching out for a newb like me, making sure I knew what to do and when, and for even supplying me with a meal before my flight. You are phenomenal.
  • To the taxi driver who asked me to write a note of inspiration for his daughter on my ride out of town. You have no idea how awesome that made me feel. From him: “Those little words, they are so powerful, you never know what impact they might have.”

I can’t say it better myself. He succinctly summarized the entire point of the trip and I am so glad to have been a part of it. Thank you again Running Press. I look forward to the build-up to the September release, and any future trips we may have together.

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