This has been a good week for me. And it’s only Wednesday.

On Monday my youngest turned five and we brought her breakfast in bed (chocolate-chip pancakes and fruit on the side). Then, at her request, we spent the day at a local beach, followed by dinner and presents that evening.

On Tuesday, I finished my work in progress, a 93,000-word novel. I love it, not just because I’m finished with the initial draft and that feels awesome, but because the story is solid, the investigation into adolescent life engaging. In short, I’ve got a good feeling.

Also on Tuesday, I booked a television interview with my local ABC affiliate (details below), secured a bookseller for one of the two events in which I need them, and began prepping my classes for the school year.

It’s quite a bit for just two days, but nothing compared to how my year is going to play out. September is going to be pandemonium, with a second grader and a kindergartner in the house, my wife and I back to teaching, and Tap Out hitting stores.

However, amidst the chaos, we’ll settle into our routines of the fall and I will begin work on revising my next novel.

That’s how this cycle works, and I love it. My life is overflowing and daunting, but I would have it no other way. Crazy weeks, slow weeks, stressed out weeks: that’s life. And life is my subject matter, regardless of the story, the characters, the setting.

Next week brings the universally exciting and anxiety-producing return to school. It is, by far, the most intense time of year. For me, it’s another story, one with a forceful beginning, and one, of which, I know I’ll enjoy every last page.

Schedule of events (look for more, because who knows?):

9/8: WNYT (Channel 13) interview with Beth Wurtmann @ 8:30 am. Tune in.

9/8: Kaged Kombat at the Saratoga City Center. Doors open @ 5:00 pm, fights begin @ 6:00. I will be with Legion Training Center distributing promotional material for Tap Out

9/11: Tap Out releases. Pre-orders will be shipped. E-books should be available. Local stores will have copies. Please use the Tap Out: Find a Seller or Store via Running Press link if you are looking.

9/25: Now that you all have read 😉 come see me at the Clifton Park Library from 7-9 pm and I’ll sign your copy. We’ll also have The Open Door Bookstore on hand for purchases.

9/29: If Albany is more convenient, I’ll be at the Book House in StuyvesantPlaza from 3-4 pm

10/6: Release party and signing at Legion Training Center. *I still need a bookseller for this event. Please contact me if you have connections* come out and let me sign your copy of Tap Out in the cage of the best MMA gym in the area. Not only will books be available, but you’ll receive 20-30% of merchandise and memberships. If you have any interest in MMA for conditioning or for self-defense, this is THE place to be. For all ages and ability levels.

2 thoughts on “Week-to-week

  1. Sorry I’m getting to this post late, but I can identify with everything you’ve said. My husband is also a teacher and I know how stressful it can at the start of the school year. But, you also have some exciting things to look forward to. Plus, I’m sure the revision process for your book will keep you super busy. You seem like you’re a pro at multitasking too!!

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