One more reason

If you still need a reason to read Tap Out, or if you just missed these along the way, I’ve compiled reviews and interviews for your convenience. If you are still on the fence, I hope you find something here that provides the deciding factor.

If not, maybe meeting me in person and talking about the book will seal the deal. If so, I’ve listed my events below, along with an image of the flyer I hope you will soon see around the Capital District.

If none of this wins you over, then I hope during the month of September and beyond, when people are reading and talking, someone gives you a copy and says, “You have to. It’s awesome.” Because it is for you, readers, that I have written Tap Out. It’s a dark and disturbing story, but ultimately it is about our humanity. And that narrative must be read and shared and discussed.


From Kirkus Reviews

TAP OUT (reviewed on August 1, 2012)

A boy who knows only grinding despair finds hope within the walls of a gym…

From School Library Journal

Starting with the first page, Devine instantly captures your attention and holds it until the very end.—Sarah A., age 15

From the Times Union

In the end, can we believe that Tony will succeed? I think the answer depends on how much we feel someone in his circumstances can rise above. Does he have that strength, or is he, sadly, too far gone? I want readers to question the exact question you posed. Is Tony cold, or is he just trying to protect himself when no one else in his life is able to?

From Scripts and Scribes

9/8: WNYT (Channel 13) interview with Beth Wurtmann @ 8:30 am. Tune in.

9/8: Kaged Kombat at the Saratoga City Center. Doors open @ 5:00 pm, fights begin @ 6:00. I will be with Legion Training Center distributing promotional material for Tap Out

9/11: Tap Out releases. Pre-orders will be shipped. E-books should be available. Local stores will have copies. Please use the Tap Out: Find a Seller or Store via Running Presslink if you are looking.

9/25: Now that you all have read come see me at the Clifton Park Library from 7-9 pm and I’ll sign your copy. We’ll also have The Open Door Bookstore on hand for purchases.

9/29: If Albany is more convenient, I’ll be at the Book House in StuyvesantPlaza from 3-4 pm

10/6: Release party and signing at Legion Training Center. Come out and let me sign your copy of Tap Out in the cage of the best MMA gym in the area. Not only will books be available, but you’ll receive 20-30% of merchandise and memberships. If you have any interest in MMA for conditioning or for self-defense, this is THE place to be. For all ages and ability levels.

Tap Out-Flyer

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