It’s time

Today’s the day, and all I can say is thank you. To my family, my friends, Kate McKean and the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, Lisa Cheng, all the staff at Running Press.

Yesterday one of my students said, “Mr. Devine, you get so excited when you tell stories. It’s awesome.” She’s right, I do, and it is. I tell stories, with friends, in the classroom, and in print. That’s my nature. So thank you, as well, to the storytellers who influenced me when I was young and somehow sparked my desire to join the ranks. And thank you to the storytellers who continue to inspire me to tell the best stories I can.

It’s a gift to do what I do and I try my best to appreciate it for what it is. It’s not luck and it doesn’t come without hard work. But I am lucky and the work is more like play.

So please, enjoy Tap Out, and while you do, know I’m hard at work doing what I love, writing another story that is awesome.

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