Schedule of Events

Tap Out has been out for almost two weeks and I’ve been receiving fantastic feedback. Yet, I still have more to come. This week I have a guest post appearing at Teen Librarian’s Toolbox about the state of Young Adult Literature and boys as readers, and Ultimate MMA will be reviewing Tap Out in the near future. I also have reviews slated to appear on some very fantastic websites, including Forever Young Adult.

Therefore, I extend thanks to my fans for spreading the word and letting people know about my work. Below is my updated list of events. Notice that November now has two dates at Barnes and Noble. Please come out and get your copy signed or purchase Tap Out if you haven’t had the chance yet. I look forward to seeing you.

9/25:  Clifton Park Library from 7-9 pm. The Open Door Bookstore will be on hand for purchases.

9/29: The Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza from 3-4 pm. They, of course, will have copies for sale.

10/6: Release party and signing at Legion Training Center from 2-4 pm. Come out and let me sign your copy of Tap Out in the cage of the best MMA gym in the area. Not only will books be available, via Good Buy Books, but you’ll receive 20-30% of merchandise and memberships. If you have any interest in MMA for conditioning or for self-defense, this is THE place to be. For all ages and ability levels.

11/3: Barnes and Noble Colonie from 2-4 pm. Proceeds from the day’s total purchases will go toward Guilderland High School fundraising.

11/4: Barnes and Noble Niskyayuna from 2-4 pm.

6 thoughts on “Schedule of Events

    • Thank you. I find that writing and teaching compliment one another, so as busy as I am at one, there’s always a benefit for the other. And, yes, the release party is at an MMA gym. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate place. Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures.

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