For those of you who don’t know Tony…

Some of you don’t know the main character from Tap Out. Well, here’s a sample of Tony. After reading, maybe you will recognize him:

I shower, scrub until it hurts and my skin is red, but I don’t mind the pain. It’s only superficial. I dress in a plain gray tee and my black jeans, cuffed at the ends because they’re too long. I slide my sneakers back on, making sure all of whatever the f— I stepped in is gone, and then throw on my hoodie. Amy keeps my hair close-cropped with the clippers she’s got from Vo-Tec, so I slide a hand over my dome and dry the remaining water. Then I rummage for food. Never did eat dinner last night, and there’s nothing in the house except some crusty bread and fruit punch. Mom must have eaten that spaghetti. I drink a glass of the red liquid and take off (24).


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