Inside my head…literally

my skull

This is a CT scan of my sinuses, which I had taken on Monday because my allergist was certain I had a lingering sinus infection. Apparently, this shot indicates that I don’t. I woke up Tuesday morning shivering uncontrollably and took my temperature. It was 101, not outstanding, but as I typically run at 97, a bit high for me. Therefore, I was home from work yesterday and am home today. I’ve been sleeping 12-15 hours, eating what I can and taking pain killers. I also watched The Dark Knight Rises and read a fair amount of The Miseducation of Cameron Post. I’ve also had a fair amount of time to think.

First, I probably have the flu, a weaker form of it because I got my flu shot, but a nasty virus nonetheless. This irritates me because I did what I was supposed to and it didn’t pan out. But that’s life for you.

Second, I have awesome health care. I had two expensive exams when my allergist could have easily figured on infection, written a script for antibiotics and washed her hands of me. I love my doc for caring so much that she looked deeper.

Third, I also love my colleagues for pitching in and helping out. Emailing lesson plans in the fog of sickness is not easy, but they made it work and my students are being taken care of.

Fourth, I feel sorry for my daughters, who saw me so vulnerable. It was not easy for them, as I received a clandestine note from my eldest stating, “Feel better Daddy. I feel sorry for you and love you.” That hurts, but at least this virus will pass.

Last, I love my wife for taking care of EVERYTHING around the house, from meals to homework to school uniforms, and on and on. We share responsibility and my sense of guilt over not being able to do my share is enormous.

I’ll get back to writing as soon as my brain allows. This post was rather taxing, so I know I need more time for the big projects. Until then, I’ll keep my eyes open to the world around me, and the different ways it unfolds when one is incapacitated. Perspective is everything.

Or so I think.

5 thoughts on “Inside my head…literally

  1. Hi Pal. It must be something in the water–er…perhaps our contracts?! Because I’ve been down for the count for going on two weeks now with identical symptoms. Nothing quite as endearing, or painful, as the ten year-old saying, “Mom…go rest. We can take care of this.” GAH!! I JUST WANT MY LIFE BACK!

    Sending healing vibes your way as well as uninterrupted Netflix viewing. (Prison Break–that’ll take your mind of your woes).

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