Pitch Perfect

In Daniel Pink’s latest book, To Sell is Human, he offers updated suggestions for the elevator pitch (see a synopsis in the video below). Since I spent the weekend finalizing Dare Me, I started thinking about the need to begin pitching and marketing my work. Therefore, I’ve outlined the six pitches Pink suggests, and have completed each for Dare Me. Let me know which one you like best:

  1. Pixar:

Once upon a time _____________. Every day, ______________. One day _______________.  Because of that, _____________. Because of that, ______________. Until finally _______________.

  1. Subject line (as with an email)
  2. Rhyme
  3. Questions
  4. Twitter
  5. One word

Here goes:

Pixar: Once upon a time, three friends, Ricky, John and Ben were considering how to spice up their upcoming senior year of high school. Every day they hung out, Ricky had suggestions, as if he had a need, not merely a desire. One day he pitched the idea of year-long, anonymous, daredevil stunts, as an ongoing senior prank, and the boys envisioned an awesome future. Because of that, they began their adventures with death-defiance, and saw the popularity of their disguised selves skyrocket. Because of that, an offer of money arrived–a financier agreed to pay them for their stunts if they agreed to his dares–and the boys took it without regard for the consequences of signing on the dotted line. Until finally the dares went too far, and the point of no return had nothing to do with popularity or money, but whether or not the boys would live to enjoy either.

Subject Line: This video is f******* crazy!

Rhyme: A dare requires that you make men, or liars.

Questions: How much is your life worth?

Twitter: Pride goes before the fall, unless you’ve been asked to jump. #DareMe #Iaccept

One Word: Gamble

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