Full-time Writing

I have an enviable schedule: a ten-month, full-time job, and then my two months of summer vacation. During the school-year, I write in the mornings, typically for two hours. During the summer, well, it’s a whole other story.


6-11 am: write, write, edit, write. Feel the brain drain. Leave the office.

The rest of the morning and afternoon are spent with my family, swimming, reading, finding something fun to entertain the kids with.

I may or may not workout.

I may or may not take a nap.

In the evenings I read from the voluminous list I have (right now it’s Winger) or watch whatever show I’m addicted to (Right now it’s the first half of Season 5 of Breaking Bad).

I go to bed between 10 and 11 pm.



I’m typically too busy for writing, but will squeeze it in as needed.


Last year at this time I was preparing for the American Library Association annual conference, followed by a family vacation to Fort MyersFlorida and Disney. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken.

This summer, I will not be at ALA, and we are not going to Florida. We have a couple of trips planned, but nothing as extensive as last year. That equates to more time writing, which, for me, is phenomenal.

The other side of the job:

I am also using my time this summer preparing to launch Dare Me. Therefore, a fair amount of that afternoon and weekend time will be spent coordinating events, interviews, reviews and of course, on social media.

First up, the trailer will be launched 7/28, so stick around for details.

Pre-ordering is available, so spread the word.

The first signing is scheduled for 9/21 at Market Block Books (If you attend this event, you’ll have Dare Me a full two weeks before it’s available–unless you’ve pre-ordered).

The next is on 10/1 at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library, so you’ll still be an early bird, with Dare Me in your hands a full week ahead of the rest.

The launch party will follow soon after, and I’m ironing out the details on that, so definitely stay posted.


Is my last day of the school year, so I’ll be quite pumped this afternoon. But it’s not excitement for total abandon and freedom. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work hard, to create stories that entertain and educate.

It’s my job, and for two months, it’s full time.

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