Kirkus on Dare Me

Kirkus Book Reviews

Kirkus reviewed Tap Out last year and I was astounded that they felt my violent and vulgar examination of poverty was “bound to have huge appeal to kids whose lives are being mirrored, and it may prompt luckier readers to take some positive action.” Of course, they were right, and I have been so moved by the readers who have contacted me with stories of how my work struck a nerve, began a conversation, provided solace by demonstrating that this fight is universal.

Well, now Kirkus has reviewed Dare Me. The review will be available on their site to paying customers today or tomorrow, to all in September. My publisher may have the full review up as well, and I’ll be sure to link to the entirety when I can. In the meantime, I can give you snippets, enough for you to know that Kirkus, again, gave me praise. I can only hope that they are again correct in their assertions. Enjoy:

“Fully attuned to the adrenaline-fueled appeal of dares, Devine deftly conveys the dire consequences that can ensue once the first step is taken.”

“Devine’s examination of the teenage boy’s need for adrenaline is admirably complex…”

“Ben [protagonist] reflects, ‘This is larger than us, and we’re already in motion and gaining speed. The natural course is to let this run take us where it’s going. There are no brakes in freefall.'”

And, my favorite…

“Astute and riveting.”

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