DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge #1

First challenge: Give me a quote.

I love quotes, famous, infamous, the everyday. My classroom walls are covered in hundreds. My students love them, choose favorites and point theirs out to each other. Those pearls of wisdom stick.

So imagine yourself, on the edge of that bridge, as Ben is on the cover. What would you say to him? How would you make him believe he’ll be fine, that in fact he is brave? What dash of daring words can you provide?

Leave those in a comment below or hit me with your best @eric_devine. If you send a link alone, please reference Challenge #1, or I’ll think you’re a spammer, and I’ve seen enough weight loss ads, thank you 🙂

Now, go, pen your own, steal someone else’s; just give us all some inspiration. I’ll reveal the winner in tomorrow’s post and new challenge.


9 thoughts on “DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge #1

  1. Would this convince or encourage? Not sure. But I have always been partial to Dostoyevsky. (Crime & Punishment)

    “Power is given only to him who dares to stoop and take it … one must have the courage to dare.”

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