DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge #2

Nice work yesterday, everyone! I received some wonderful quotes on being daring, or the consequences of such. But there can only be one winner each day, and yesterday’s is Melissa Wray! 

Here’s her entry: “If you’re going to skate on thin ice, then you might as well tap dance!”

Love that! So thanks, Melissa. All I need now is your mailing address and to whom you would like me to sign the book. Use the contact form and we’re good to go.

And now for challenge #2:

Ben has a love hate relationship with his job. He loves it because his crush works there. He hates it because delivering pizzas isn’t the easiest way to make money.

We’ve all been in his shoes. That first job wakes us up to how life and finances work.

So tell me about your first job, why you loved and hated it. The best story gets a signed copy of Dare Me.

Leave your stories here in the comments, on my Facebook author page , or tweet to to me @eric_devine. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge #2

  1. My first job was at Dairy Queen. I earned the nickname Butterscotch Girl. After we had closed at 10pm I went to clean out the cone dip machine and spilled some in the bottom. In my haste to clean it before it burned, I went to set the gallon of butterscotch cone dip on the counter and it slipped out of my hands. I spilled butterscotch cone dip all over me, the floor and our nice clean store. My co workers sent me home covered in greasy cone dip, while they stepped up and re cleaned everything. For the next week my boss made me clean the cone dip machine every hour to practice moving cone dip without spilling it 🙂

    • That was an amazing story. At the same time hilarious and equally sad. I am one klutzy man, and was even worse as a child/teen. I can so relate. Thanks for sharing.

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