DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge #5

All right, here we are at the last challenge. Which means two things. One, we have a winner from yesterday, and two, Dare Me hits the shelves tomorrow. Make sure you are buckled in and the seatbelt is secure. Yesterday’s winner is Mark Ayotte. Check out the amazing stunt compilation below from him and then meet me on the other side of the craziness.

That was awesome, right? Thanks, Mark! Send me your details 🙂

And now, the last challenge. But first, some required reading–the first paragraph in the Acknowledgements section of Dare Me:

This story is about our culture, our desire to be seen, and what we are willing to risk for that visibility. It is not a glorification of the daredevil, but rather an examination of why.

The challenge: What is the craziest stunt/dare you performed AND what did you learn?

Tell me your story. Post anonymously if you need to, and tomorrow, when Dare Me drops, I’ll be sharing your feat of awesomeness with the world.

Go, dig into your memory and consider about all the crazy things you’ve done. Then examine what you learned. Drop that story here, on Facebook or on Twitter. I look forward to them. And thanks for playing along.

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