The Weekend of Awesome

This past weekend I met my number one fan, signed copies of Dare Me and Tap Out, spoke on a panel about the creative writing process, and received a congratulatory note from my former high school English teacher. Overall, it was awesome, but, of course there’s more to it than these cursory details.

Saturday was Troy Author Day, an event created to celebrate the local talent in our area. Over twenty authors were in attendance, including some heavy hitters like the Man Booker International Prize winner Lydia Davis. The atmosphere was ideal. We were situated in the upstairs of the Troy Public Library, surrounded by readers who came to buy books, meet us, and listen to discussions about the process and the industry.

However, for me, the highlight of the day was meeting Natalie.

She is my number one fan, and came with copies of all my novels. Natalie and her friend Melinda help run Pendragon, SienaCollege’s literary magazine, and I will be at Siena at some point in the near future to speak to the group because Natalie reached out to me on Twitter and Melinda following up via email. Take note readers: if you want to have contact with your favorite author, hop on social media. Chances are we’re more than willing to be there for you.

If you are interested in more about the event, here’s a local article that covers the day, and even quotes me a few times.

On Sunday I had a signing at Barnes and Noble in Saratoga Springs. What was unique about the signings this weekend, and in particular at B&N, was having customers interested in copies of both Dare Me and Tap Out. It’s not that Tap Out has died in any way, but my energy has been focused on Dare Me. So when people came up and asked about both books and then bought both, it was kind of astounding.

It was fantastic to meet local readers, who either came out specifically to meet me, or those who stumbled across my table and got very excited about my work.

That’s what I’m in this for, not the sales figures, nor the awards––even though I need the former to continue, and the latter are really nice. I’m there for the stories. To tell people about mine, to talk with them and learn theirs, to help connect readers with work that will resonate with them. And to be with other authors doing the same, to meet people so excited about my work that they vibrate, yeah, that’s the definition of awesome to me.

So if you missed me this weekend, have no fear, my launch party is Friday at McGrievey’s restaurant from 4-7. There will be free appetizers, excellent beverages, and even more excellent company. Come on out. You won’t be disappointed.