DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge #4

Thank you all for taking yesterday’s science challenge. I knew it would be difficult, but also that someone would rise to Newton’s standards.

Fortunately Beth Fehlbaum’s answer hit the mark: I think that Law # 1 most applies to life, because unless a person decides to take responsibility for their own lives, they have no one to blame but him/herself if it’s not going well. I’d sum it up as, “You have to be your own best friend.”

That’s perfect, and part of what Ben comes to realize throughout the story. So, Beth, hook me up with your contact info and a copy of Dare Me is coming your way.

And for today’s challenge, something easier, but equally educational…

The challenge: Send me the best YouTube dare that you can find.

Ben, Ricky, John and Trevor do some insane stunts, but I know what else is out there from my hours and hours of research. So find those awesome dares and shoot me the link here, on Facebook or on Twitter. The best dare will air tomorrow and you win a signed copy of Dare Me.

Please make sure the dare is awesome, but I am uninterested in seeing anyone getting seriously injured. Let Tosh. O handle that.

Go, have fun, enjoy Sunday, send me links, and tomorrow I will reveal the last challenge.

DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge #3

If you are familiar with the dashing dude above, then, yes, you guessed it, today’s challenge is all about Newton. No, not the fig kind. But first, yesterday’s winner.

For her account of Dairy Queen disaster and being called “Butterscotch Girl” (see the comment section), Stephanie Rosch wins a signed copy of Dare Me. Send me your email, and thanks for the great story!

And so, back to Challenge #3 and Newton. Surprise, surprise, Ben the kid who does crazy stunts, considers the implications of the physics to them as well as the Natural laws, as they defy them. Therefore, there are the excerpts below from Dare Me. You’ll need them to understand the challenge, as Ben does a good job of summarizing the three laws.

The challenge:  Which law most applies to life?

Answer that with an example, and you’re entered to win. Do so here, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Enjoy Ben’s ruminations below, and remember, Newton’s watching you.


Law #1

I head to physics and learn about Newton’s First Law. Who knew that it took a genius to figure out that objects at rest or in motion stay that way unless acted upon? It seems rather simple: The beginning of something, or the lack of beginning, is up to the individual, unless someone else forces the issue.

Law #2 

I read Newton’s Second Law: The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

Right. So, positive things continue in a positive direction, negative, well, negatively; the acceleration matches the force applied, and the larger the mass, the slower the acceleration. Hmm. Was Newton also psychic?

Law #3

I step into physics, and it seems as if we’re continuing a theme here. On the board is written: Newton’s Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The words are more like something out of a fortune cookie than a scientific law. Still, maybe I should pay more attention.

DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge #2

Nice work yesterday, everyone! I received some wonderful quotes on being daring, or the consequences of such. But there can only be one winner each day, and yesterday’s is Melissa Wray! 

Here’s her entry: “If you’re going to skate on thin ice, then you might as well tap dance!”

Love that! So thanks, Melissa. All I need now is your mailing address and to whom you would like me to sign the book. Use the contact form and we’re good to go.

And now for challenge #2:

Ben has a love hate relationship with his job. He loves it because his crush works there. He hates it because delivering pizzas isn’t the easiest way to make money.

We’ve all been in his shoes. That first job wakes us up to how life and finances work.

So tell me about your first job, why you loved and hated it. The best story gets a signed copy of Dare Me.

Leave your stories here in the comments, on my Facebook author page , or tweet to to me @eric_devine. Thanks!

DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge #1

First challenge: Give me a quote.

I love quotes, famous, infamous, the everyday. My classroom walls are covered in hundreds. My students love them, choose favorites and point theirs out to each other. Those pearls of wisdom stick.

So imagine yourself, on the edge of that bridge, as Ben is on the cover. What would you say to him? How would you make him believe he’ll be fine, that in fact he is brave? What dash of daring words can you provide?

Leave those in a comment below or hit me with your best @eric_devine. If you send a link alone, please reference Challenge #1, or I’ll think you’re a spammer, and I’ve seen enough weight loss ads, thank you 🙂

Now, go, pen your own, steal someone else’s; just give us all some inspiration. I’ll reveal the winner in tomorrow’s post and new challenge.


DARE ME Countdown Giveaway Challenge

The countdown has begun. As of today, the publication of Dare Me occurs in only five days. Therefore, to mark this awesome event, I am running a book giveaway challenge, starting tomorrow.

For the next five days, at 9 am, I will provide a prompt here. You must reply in the comments, on my Facebook Author page or to me on Twitter @eric_devine.

If you win because you’ve written the most compelling response, I’ll notify you and will then need the following:

  • an address where I can mail your signed copy
  • any personalization you’d like along with my signature

So get ready to get creative. Much like Dare Me, the prompts will test your mettle. Can you rise to the challenge? We’ll find out, starting tomorrow.