Ringing the New Year with the Flu

I’m sick. Like shaking uncontrollably, joints on fire, and possessing a rather zombie-looking pallor.

Whatever hit, did so at 2 am, Tuesday, and I barely opened my eyes to see the ball drop last night. But there was an upshot in all this that warms my depressed heart.

While I was not sleeping, Tuesday morning, I was writing, inside my head. I’m currently reading The Walking Dark, and it is as creepy as the title sounds. Therefore, in my mind, I was within the pages of that dark novel, writing new scenes, projecting on those to come. And it all sounded pretty good. If I’d had any energy I would have found a notebook, but it’s probably best that I just lay there.

The takeaway for me is that in spite of my current illness, my body’s itching to get back to writing, which I haven’t done any of since the 20th. Therefore, I’m excited to get over this sickness and get back to my work. I have three projects on the go and I am so very thrilled to be able to work like this, in sickness and in health 🙂

Happy 2014!

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