Update to Yesterday’s Post

In a word: Awesome! 

The night exceeded my expectations. The students’ presentations were excellent. They were poised and confident, and ultimately blew people away, including their own parents and my administration. I had many parents come up and thank me, which felt awesome. And I understand why they were so happy.

We all went above and beyond on this. The students spent fifteen weeks changing their lives, and then creating amazing Prezi presentations documenting the change, and then preparing the delivery of that presentation to highlight what they had done. I provided an opportunity for their children to showcase their talents in a very public and significant way. I only wish I could hold more opportunities like this for all of my students. Talk about authentic education.

I’m a very proud teacher today, and my students should be as well. I see them as a class, tomorrow, and look forward to rehashing last night. The afterglow hasn’t faded.