It’s almost Pub day, so thank you.

A.T. Thank you

In the next two months, I will negotiate my blog tour, participate in a Skype visit with a library in California, hold six signings, and participate in two conventions. Meanwhile, I’m wrapping up another project for submission and have already begun the next novel. Throw in Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the Christmas season, and come the end of the year I am not going to know which end is up.

This is a very good problem to have. In the past five years I have gone from absolutely no promotion to what is a building groundswell. People know who I am and have an understanding of the type of work I write. That recognition is astounding to me. And it is due in large part to you and your word-of-mouth support.

For all the marketing and promotion that has been done, and will be done, it still boils down to an audience connecting with a story, and even better, multiple stories and their author. You have done that for me. And so as I slide into the launch of Press Play, I thank you in advance. There are a million ways you can spend your time, and you have not only given some of that to my writing, but you’ve asked friends and family and colleagues and students to do the same. What can I say but thank you?

And so I will. THANK YOU!

Keep reading, keep enjoying, keep spreading the word, online, or face-to-face. Reviews matter. Awards matter. But nothing matters more than knowing the work I do pleases people. Or upsets people. Makes them think. So thank you for appreciating that fact, that you’re not going to get an easy-to-read, full of sunshine story. But that in the end, you might sit for a moment and say, “Damn, what the hell just happened?”

Trust me, I know what’s coming and will continue to uphold my end of that agreement. I’ll write you those stories. And they will be there for you, happy to be in your hands.

Here’s to October 28th, and to the adventures we will have 🙂


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