Summer is Coming


It’s the end of May, which means soon will be my favorite month of the year. This June I will turn 37, will begin revising what will be my 5th novel, and will finish out 13.5 years of teaching.

And this year, following June, I will move out of the first home I purchased and have lived in for 11 years, and will move into a new home.

I’ve also been working extremely hard at finishing a first draft of a novel so that I have space for the editorial letter that I will soon be receiving.

All of this has coalesced into a weird time for me. As an author, things are always a little weird, but lately I’ve been talking about my projects, when typically I never do until they’re sold. I may be gaining that thing called confidence. Possibly. All I know is that when I began telling my daughters about a dog named Sprinkles from my manuscript, they melted. As did my students, who I also told. And then when I read the description of Sprinkles to my eldest daughter, she fell in love.

I don’t ever do this. Aside from my first reader, my agent, and my editor, no one sees my work. Just like no one ever used to see the office in my house. That was a closed door, but now as it’s been sold as a fourth bedroom, it’s wide open and I write at my kitchen counter.

Yeah, my life’s gotten strange and opened up and oddly accessible by others. But it’s good. The change is refreshing and as far as writing has gone, very productive.

I have no clue how the next month will play out or how the writing will look in my new home. But if this trajectory continues, I’m good. Because even if I’m breaking so many of the rules I’ve set for myself when it comes to writing–not talking about it, needing a separate space, etc–I’ve found that they’re not necessary any more. I guess this is what happens when you trust in yourself and not the routine.

At least that’s the story I’m telling myself.

I hope you all had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend and that June ushers in warmer weather and a hint of the freedom of the summer to come. If you need me, I’ll be hanging out in my kitchen 🙂

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