In the Meantime


For the past three years I’ve had a book published in the fall: Tap Out, Dare Me, Press Play. The same cannot be said for this year, which feels like a mixed blessing.

School started last week and the business of the classroom is now underway. It’s nice to have the decks cleared of promo work so I can focus solely on getting the year off to  a good start. But I was able to do that even when my schedule was packed with interviews and posts and book trailers.

I moved in late July, and have been settling my new home ever since. Sure, it’s nice to have the time to focus on the tweaks that are needed here and there, but fortunately nothing is so consuming to gobble up all my time. I could be promoting.  I’m not, though.

I’m reading the paper on the weekends. I’m tending to my lawn and paying attention to the window with a blown seal. I’m watching the leaves begin to change. The pool is being closed this week. I’m curious to watch how that is done.

In essence, my mind is again free enough to notice the things that authors should. Removing the noise and pressure that come with a new release has freed up this enormous amount of space in my life to just think. And I love and hate that.

Because I have pushed so very hard over the years to get where I am, that I worry about slipping through the cracks. It’s not as if I’m some titan of the industry, so well established I can take time off. The authors I emulate are the one who publish at least a novel a year, win awards, go to all the conventions. And since I’ve missed a beat this year, I wonder what that says about me?

Am I right to be concerned? Or have I followed a perception of success that is misguided? Do I really need to have a book out every year? And if my goal is to be a titan, what sacrifices come with that? And how much is simply not under my control?

Unanswerable, first world problems of the YA writer. But they are shared by so many. I at least know I am not alone.

The fact remains that I am in a void of time. I have a book forthcoming in the fall of ’16. I have other projects written and in the works. I’ve been super busy. But you can only go so far, before you’ve gone too far afield. So I’m reigning it in and focusing on the here and now and taking the opportunity to enjoy the rhythm of the wave cycle of writing and publishing. The lull.

As I have tattooed on my ribs, “It is what it is.” There is no better truth to this than that. I would not consider my issue a problem, rather a circumstance of the business. However, another platitude also applies, “This, too, shall pass.” It will and then I’ll be mind-boggling busy when it does.

In the meantime, here’s a current list of local events I have scheduled for the fall. Come and join me and I’ll tell you all about my next book 🙂

Teen Reader Con: 10/17

teenreadercon2.0_flyer-page-001 (1)

New York State Readers Association Annual Conference: 11/9 (Two Sessions)

  • Teachers as Authors Luncheon at 11:45 
  • “The Sound and the Fury: Why YA Literature Matters” at 3:40

Book signing with multiple authors at Northshire Bookstore during Saratoga’s Victorian Walk: 12/3

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