The gift of readers


I’ve been a writer for quite some time, but an author for only a short while. The distinction? Readers. Writers, write, and so do authors, but they have their work read by people they don’t know. It’s an oversimplified scenario, but it’s one that has an integral component for me: all of you.

This fall has been one punch in the face after the next, but one of the elements of my life that has kept me moving forward is my fall ’16 novel, Look Past. I so desperately want it to be as good as it can be, and so in spite of a host of personal issues, I have returned to the manuscript day after day, to make it better. To be a better author.  I have all of you to thank for that.

There is nothing more I need in my life . There are plenty of things I want. But the former is all that matters. And the gift of readers helps fulfill that. Without you, I’m not here. I doubt that I would have continued had I not broken into the industry. That’s sad, but true. Yet, ever since I made it, so many of you have been here for me.

I know I’ve sprinkled thanks here and there, but right now I’m thanking all of you very directly. Many of you are here because you know me as Carrie’s husband. Some are colleagues, and others are friends, family, and acquaintances. And then there are those of you I’ve never met, and yet whose support I feel as much as the others. When I think about that, it kind of blows my mind, and I gush with the realization of how lucky I am.

Life is so incredibly busy these days, it’s tough to breathe. But I regularly make time to read, both books I like, and books with my daughters. There are few things I believe in this world, and one of them is that reading has the power to teach you more than any lesson from school. Somehow all of you have managed to find the time to read my work. Probably not for grand life lessons 🙂 But you have taken the time out of your busy schedules to read my work, to make me an author. That right there is a powerful gift.

As we are now fully entrenched in the Holiday season, know that just this morning I sent off Look Past to my editor. By spring I’ll have advanced copies, and then it’s off to the bookstores for the fall.

This novel is incredibly ambitious. Which means I will either succeed or fall on my face. That’s how one should live, artistically–by the heart. I have all of you to thank for the  courage it takes to write like I do. To take chances, to risk criticism and rejection, to swing for the fences. You deserve as much.

Enjoy your Holidays. Spend time with your loved ones. If you have time, slow down and read a little. I hope the author whose work you choose thanks you as much as I do.

See you in the New Year!