TeenReaderCon 3.0


Pictured: Awesome teens from Hudson Falls, and from left to right, awesome authors, James Preller, me, Ryan Smithson, Joseph Bruchac, and Patricia McCormick

I had the pleasure of attending TeenReaderCon this past weekend, for what is now my third year in a row. It was another phenomenal year of bringing together authors with their audience in a way that simply did not exist when I was a teen. And the teens completely dig the event, which is why I jumped onto the stage for my introduction, and then proceeded to climb things during my presentations, sign foreheads, forearms, and shoes. I tried to provide the kind of energy these kids deserve for showing up on a miserable October day to hang out with us. 










One of the highlights for me, beyond this strange tradition I now have of signing foreheads and such, was talking about Look Past. During my presentation, I talk about how I became an author and then about my books, and there’s a lot of laughter and self-deprecation when I discuss Tap Out, Dare Meand Press PlayNot so much with Look Past.

Both times the room went from what felt like a stand up set, to absolute quiet. The teens and the adults in the room really wanted to hear about this story and how and why I came to it. I was intrigued by how much more open and willing they were to discuss LGBTQ issues. Say what you will about this generation, but at least the teens in attendance this weekend have big hearts and open minds.


This picture of Jazz Jennings is what I use as a jumping off point for discussing LGBTQ issues, and I love it

I even had an offer from a teen to create a trailer for Look Past and then teens who reached out via Instagram, who finished the novel this weekend, and promised to offer a review on Amazon.  That kind of engagement is just unreal and so awesome and I am thrilled to be a part of that energy.

So, thank you to everyone who attended my presentations, bought a books or books, had me sign anything, and just for being all around fantastic people. And a huge thank you goes out to everyone behind the scenes at TeenReaderCon who worked so hard to make the day a success. It was. I’m already looking forward to next year. Thank you.

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