One in Ten Preorder

One in Ten is now available for pre-order in ebook, paperback, and hardback. Yay?            

So, I’m new to this self-publishing front. I thought I could allow readers to pre-order both ebook and paperback versions of One in Ten on Amazon. Apparently Amazon is fine with ebook pre-orders, but not paperbacks–at least not for the self-pubbers. On 2/5 I accidentally “published” the paperback, until I realized my mistake and had to “unpublish” it.

So, yes, it does it exist, but you can’t pre-order it, which is a bummer because pre-orders matter. However, you can pre-order the ebook or hardback now. Just click on the proper link below:

One in Ten ebook US

One in Ten ebook UK

One in Ten hardback

Why pre-orders matter

In essence, pre-orders matter because they generate attention. If you pre-order, it says to Amazon or B&N, “People are interested in this book.” Amazon and B&N (especially Amazon) may then decide to show a little love and include One in Tein advertising, which should help sales. So, if you’re going to buy anyway, why not just pre-order? The ebook will automatically be available on 4/21, and the hardback will ship on that date as well. 

I am truly sorry that the paperback is not available for pre-order, but it will be available for purchase on 4/21! And here are the price points: $2.99 for the ebook, $9.99 for that pesky paperback, and $15.99 for the hardback (be prepared for a $5 shipping fee, though). I will run sales on all of these, so if you have friends and family who end up wanting a copy, check back here, because I will announce every sale going down.

Thank you for your interest

The fact that you’re reading this post says to me that you have an interest in my work, so thank you. Regardless of your purchasing decisions, I’m glad you’re here. Go check out the links for One in Tenand enjoy the cover. I will do a cover “reveal” with a giveaway next month, and I also intend to provide the first chapter and other insider information. So, stick around. While the pre-orders may not be ideal, the novel is 😉

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