Release Status: It’s Your Choice

I’ve never loved self-promotion, and I like it a heck of a lot less during a global pandemic. However, I also understand that people would like a distraction during this time, and books offer an escape that is welcome. Therefore, I still intend to release One in Ten on 4/21. Pre-ordering is still available now. I can change the release date, but I’m not sure if that’s best. Here’s why.

In order for the world to even recognize my book, I had a plan in place. Students in the area and beyond are currently reading or have read One in Ten. The intent was for them to write reviews on Amazon during release week, 4/21-4/24. Amazon sees those reviews and starts suggesting my book to others, and then digital word-of-mouth grows. Well, all of those students are home now. I don’t know how much interaction they will have with the English teachers and librarians who set up this process. Therefore, release week may come and go without much in the way of reviews. Which, obviously, is not ideal.

However, I have options. One, I can send the manuscript to anyone who wants it right now. Send me an email and it’s yours. Two, I can release early, make the ebook free for  a week and you will all have the same access, just via Amazon. So, here’s the contact link. Let me know which you would prefer, me to send you a PDF now, or for me to release early. Either way, you’ll get the novel for free. Then, if you review, many many more people will realize it exists. And during this time, I think you will absolutely enjoy the escape One in Ten provides. It does, ironically, demonstrate how a government deals with a healthcare crisis. Therefore, it may also be particularly relevant.

So, reach out. Let me know what you’d like. I’m here for you.

Be healthy. Stay well. Happy reading!

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