One Week for One in Ten: The Necessity of Reviews

Hey, everyone. I hope you are well and are taking on another week week at home with gusto. All right, maybe not gusto, but positivity 😉

I also hope you had the opportunity to download a copy of One in Ten last week. If not, the ebook is only $2.99. If a physical book is more your thing, the paperback is $9.99 and the hardcover is $15.99. Therefore, if you have read, are reading, or intend to read, I ask that you take a moment when you are finished to review on Amazon.

This novel is all on me, so the only way I can expand the reach is for Amazon to sprinkle its magic dust on the title and share it with others. They do this in a variety of ways, but all boil down to having reviews. There are other marketing services that I intend to use, but guess what, yeah, they also need to see reviews before I can use them.

So, if/when you have the opportunity to fill out some stars and write a sentence or two, I so very much appreciate it. Meanwhile, happy reading, and please stay healthy. 

You Are Prepared for Today


Today is release day for One in Ten! Feel free to go snag an ebook, paperback, or hardback copy now, and then come back and read the rest of this post (the ebook is free all week). I’m not going anywhere. Many of us aren’t going anywhere. 

Normally, I’d be writing about all the reasons why One in Ten is awesome and how you should tell everyone. But today is not a normal book release day. No day, recently, has had much normalcy. Therefore, let me suggest that in One in Ten, and in fact within all of my novels, you will see characters who could handle today, the today of our new world, and it is my belief that if they can, you can, too.

I don’t write about well-adjusted teenagers dealing with run-of-the-mill conflicts. My characters are flawed and facing insurmountable challenges. Yet, they rise to those challenges. Tony, in Tap Out, faces a homicidal biker gang. Ben, in Dare Me, faces his own ego and fear of death. Greg, in Press Play, faces a corrupt and violent athletic system. Avery, in Look Past, faces a town’s loathing and a killer’s desire. And now we have Kenny in One in Ten. He faces a government seeking to erase him.

My purpose with these stories is to demonstrate that life doesn’t wait until you are ready to throw itself at you. It does so whenever and however it wants. I force my characters to understand that no one can control this fact. All they can control are their reactions to whatever has been thrown at them. My characters, for all their flaws, embrace this, lean into the mess, and seek to find a way through. Let them be examples for you. Right now, especially Kenny.

In One in Ten, Kenny is an addict who has all of his choices taken away. He has nothing left, except a desire to see the truth of the rehabilitation program he’s been tossed into. He trusts his experience to know something isn’t right, and because of this he takes on the impossible.

Right now, all of us are struggling to know what to do with the world, our country, our state. We don’t know if we have the ability to handle the next turn. You do, though. You are prepared for this day. And for the next. Because there was no way to prepare, and so you already have all that you need. You are now like my characters. Therefore, trust yourself. Be resourceful. Recognize what is true and what is false around you. Protect who you love. Do not give up.

I hope in reading One in Ten you see the strength in Kenny, not in spite of his faults, but because of them. You have to get knocked down to know how tough you are, to know whether or not you can get back up. We have all been knocked down recently, and I hope you have all found your way back up. If not, don’t fault yourself. Instead, respect yourself, who you are and what you need. And if that need is strength to carry on, feel free to look to my characters, who are the embodiment of the human spirit, which rises up, regardless. 

I hope you are all well. I hope you all weather this storm with the least amount of harm. I hope you find the will within yourself to forge through wherever this path is leading. I hope your hearts aren’t hardened toward one another. This is not a zero sum game. So, stay at home if you can, work, stay informed, binge, read, stay healthy, and know you are prepared.

One Week

One week from now, One in Ten will be out in the world. Technically, the ebook will be available on 4/20, but hold off on that. Wait for 4/21. It will be free on 4/21 and the paperback will be available for purchase 😉

It’s a lot to ask anyone to pay attention to anything besides the bare necessities right now. I know that in the face of our current world, a novel might just be more noise. I know that we are losing loved ones at an alarming rate and the end is not in sight. But there’s still reason to hope, and I think you will find a surprising amount of hope in One in Ten.

If you’ve read my other books, then you know I write bleak stories (just think of the ending to Tap Out). While One in Ten is similarly dark, those who have read it tell me it has one of the more hopeful messages I have ever written. I am glad that’s the case, especially right now. We all could use a little hope, some light amid this darkness.

Therefore, between now and 4/21, pre-order if you’d like, or simply wait for Tuesday. If you want a really great deal, then definitely wait for Tuesday and download for free. At some point, when the world is a bit more accessible, I will sign copies of paperbacks and hardbacks. We will party again.

I appreciate all of you who care enough to read my work and purchase copies. You are my light. So, get ready to read about Kenny and his addiction and the way that he faces the darkness in his own life by holding on and having hope.

Be well. Stay healthy. See you in a week.

Preorder now:

One in Ten ebook US

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Free. Free, Free, Free.

Hey, everyone! I hope you are all managing to stay well and have adjusted to life in quarantine. You may have already exhausted the movies and series (Tiger King) you planned on watching on Netflix, and have possibly burned through your To Be Read Pile. Now you need something new, but money is tight, and going to a store is not ideal. What to do?

In two weeks, One in Ten will be out, and it will be free to download for the first four days of its release. I know right now the ebook is listed for $2.99. Well, on 4.21 that price will get knocked to nothing, and it will stay that way until 4.24 at 11:59 PM. 

Therefore, set a reminder, or put the date on the empty calendar we all have. I hope you enjoy and I hope my work provides you a bit of escape. It’s an engrossing tale, and one that sees a government ask, How to best deal with this medical problem, and then come up with an unsettling answer. Are there parallels to today? You read and tell me. Better, you read for free and then tell Amazon.

For now, stay at home, if you can. Stay safe when you’re out. Take care of one another. Take care of yourself. And if you’re not in the mood for a story like One in Ten, right now, download it anyway. You will in the mood for it in the future. And we will see that future, however changed it will be.

Be well.