One Week

One week from now, One in Ten will be out in the world. Technically, the ebook will be available on 4/20, but hold off on that. Wait for 4/21. It will be free on 4/21 and the paperback will be available for purchase 😉

It’s a lot to ask anyone to pay attention to anything besides the bare necessities right now. I know that in the face of our current world, a novel might just be more noise. I know that we are losing loved ones at an alarming rate and the end is not in sight. But there’s still reason to hope, and I think you will find a surprising amount of hope in One in Ten.

If you’ve read my other books, then you know I write bleak stories (just think of the ending to Tap Out). While One in Ten is similarly dark, those who have read it tell me it has one of the more hopeful messages I have ever written. I am glad that’s the case, especially right now. We all could use a little hope, some light amid this darkness.

Therefore, between now and 4/21, pre-order if you’d like, or simply wait for Tuesday. If you want a really great deal, then definitely wait for Tuesday and download for free. At some point, when the world is a bit more accessible, I will sign copies of paperbacks and hardbacks. We will party again.

I appreciate all of you who care enough to read my work and purchase copies. You are my light. So, get ready to read about Kenny and his addiction and the way that he faces the darkness in his own life by holding on and having hope.

Be well. Stay healthy. See you in a week.

Preorder now:

One in Ten ebook US

One in Ten ebook UK

One in Ten hardback

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