The Two-Week Cliff

Hey! How’s everyone doing out there? Now that schools in New York State are closed for in-school learning for the year, I am sure some of you are a little on edge. I don’t blame you. But soon enough, it will be summer, and then… I really have no clue. I’m not psychic. I write stories and teach English, so I’ll stay in my lane.

Which brings me to the cliff. Today One in Ten has been out for two weeks. Therefore, on Amazon, it’s about to fall off the cliff, or keep the earth below its feet. The algorithms that drive the almighty Amazon are ruthless and will let One in Ten fall and then move onto the next similar title. Unless.

Unless there are sales and/or reviews. So, if you have not reviewed, pretty please, do. If you have been on the fence about reading, pick up a copy. Tell a friend who you think might be interested. Heck, buy one for your mother for Mother’s’ Day 😉 

In a sad turn of events, much like those Murder Hornets, One in Ten is incredibly relevant right now. While we are squirreled away, those who are addicted to opioids are dying. Based on the lack of empathetic response from our federal government to the pandemic, I can imagine an approach similar to that found in One in Ten for those suffering from addiction. Give it a read, you’ll see what I mean.

Thank you for your readership these past two weeks. It’s been fun to see the purchases, library loans, and reviews in real-time. Please keep up the effort and help keep One in Ten from falling off the cliff. I don’t think Amazon sells a rope long enough to save it.

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