How much writing have you done under quarantine?

Stocked up on food (this is a recurrent theme)

I have been asked the question from the title by so many well-meaning people these past couple of months, and I always feel bad about my answer because it’s been, “Not much. It’s difficult to write at this moment.” And that’s the truth. It’s difficult to spin fiction when the world’s story is the most compelling. However, I have been up to quite a lot in my afternoons, when I’m done with teaching virtually for the day. The hours I typically devote to writing have been spent in some interesting ways.


Received an A in my School Law class.

Celebrated one of my favorite holidays virtually.

Figured out Zoom.

Celebrated another holiday virtually

Stared into the void of Covid statistics and projections.

Did a little landscaping to prep for…

…these crazies.

Fell in love with this adorable picture.

Oh, yeah, released a novel.

Took adorable pics of my dogs.

Started rooting avocado seeds (I used to do this with my grandmother)

Found life was starting.

Stocked up on food…again.

Celebrated Mother’s Day.

Picked up a new car.

And, you guessed it…kidding. This is the same pic as the first. But I did stock up again 😉

The point of this is not that I’m avoiding writing or have no intentions of getting back to it, but that I’m the same as everyone else. I’m looking for the good during these crazy times. I’m living my life under restrictions and am finding ways to keep my mind occupied so that when I return to the page it is not all about pandemics and sorrow. That reality must unfold on its own, and it is our job to play by its rules, be careful, stay healthy, wash our hands, and wear our masks. Then we can think of creating stories, of something new. Unless we’ve already begun, while toiling away under quarantine.

Please take care of yourself and others. 


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