Ease of Mind

I submitted my WIP to Kate McKean right before memorial Day weekend. It’s a good thing I did so because I felt confident about the draft and I needed to clear my plate because my wife was having her wisdom teeth pulled. Based on her fragile health as of late, I knew the recovery was going to be consuming.

And it has been. But ten days out she’s doing much better and the dust is settling around here. However, the time away from writing has left me with two points to ponder: 1. What’s next. 2. Is that WIP really as good as I thought it was?

This is my vicious cycle: write, revise, worry. Tap Out is being given away at Book Expo America this week. By the end of the month I’ll be at ALA Anaheim supporting my work, and yet I know the entire time I’ll be in the throes of worry.

Writing is 24-7, and mostly in my head. I am constantly thinking about what story I want to tell next. I work with teenagers and am always considering their current struggles and how they fit within the market. When I’m not actively engaging with these thoughts, because life dictates my time otherwise, I’m left to dwell and to second-guess, even though I know better.

The fact that I have such consternation is not a fail-safe against poor writing, but it is a measure of self-monitoring that comes from experience. I know when I first began writing, I loved whatever I wrote, even though I knew it wasn’t publishable. Now, I love the process even more, but with publication comes responsibility. I worry about my writing like I do my own children. Am I cultivating it correctly? Am I teaching my girls the right lessons?

There’s no way of knowing beyond just writing. I have to get the words down and then have them reviewed. I have to be willing to let my daughters make their own decisions and hope the world is kind to them.

But it’s not easy.

I do have a plan, though–at least for what’s next. I’ve toyed with three possibilities and I’ll start in on whichever I’m most drawn to. Because the overwhelming element in the process is passion. It is because I care so damn much that I want whatever I put forth to be better than the last.

It’s the only way for my wind to be at ease. Until it’s not…

Sneak Peek

I love teasers, just a sneak peak about what’s to come. Fortunately the publishing industry does, too. And somehow I was fortunate enough—thanks Kate McKean—to have the privilege of working with an editor and publisher that felt my work is good enough to submit for some buzz.

Buzz Books 2012: Exclusive Pre-Publication Excerpts from Over 30 New Books from Publishers Lunch has included an excerpt from Tap Out. Really. My work has been listed alongside other YA authors such as Libbra Bray, David Levithan and Ned Vizzini, as well as all the other outstanding authors from various genres—including Neil Young—how awesome is that?

Along with the buzz comes pre-sales and a Book Expo America (BEA) hashtag for Tap Out #beaTap. Therefore, feel free to tweet after you’ve read and tag away. I look forward to the comments.

You can download a free copy to your Kindle or Kindle for PC. Or if you like other platforms for e-Book viewing, Publishers Marketplace has options for you. Whatever you choose, check out my excerpt, but do read the other authors’ as well. There’s so much fantastic reading ahead that it makes me long for a lazy summer by the pool and a cool fall and winter by the fireplace.

Now, go get your sneak peek on.