Teen Reader Con

The article below is from Jay Asher’s blog regarding this weekend’s Teen Reader Con. I fully intended to write my own post for today, but then saw how many awesome pictures his had, that mine never would, because I can’t ever remember to take pics at events like this, and so I said to myself: Don’t be boring and redundant. So, yeah, I’m poaching his words.

I can, at least, add this text exchange with my mother (please excuse her texting errors; she was on vacation and quickly checking on me). See, kids, being a “child” never ends.



So, as you’ll read, the event was awesome, and as Jay says, “the peak of fun as an author.” Because it was. Being in an auditorium with 300 kids all pumped about books and writing, willing to spend their Saturday with us is as good as it gets.

Also, Joe Bruchac, literally ate his own words onstage. It was kind of epic.

If you missed this event, no worries, plans are already in shape for next year. And if they invite me, I promise to take more pics ūüôā


Jay Asher: TeenReaderCon.


I flew out of my little hometown airport…
…took a short layover in Chicago…

…on my way to the first annual¬†TeenReaderCon¬†in Clifton Park, NY.

I’ve attended a few YA conferences, where a community brings in several authors to discuss their books and writing, and these events are always the peak of fun as an author. Not only does it give me a chance to hang out with and meet my peers, but the audience is made up of rabid readers!

On the way to the auditorium, the halls were lined with floor-to-ceiling paintings reproducing classics by Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, and many others. Plus, there was a beautiful piece made out of paper where the white letters turned into colorful butterflies that flew off onto the wall.

The first presentation was by¬†Coach Rich Johns, giving his “Act with Respect Always” talk, which I’ve heard about for years and is beautifully inspiring. As part of his presentation, he discusses¬†Thirteen Reasons Why¬†and recites my character’s poem,¬†Soul Alone.

Here I am with the awesome dude!

Then all of the authors took the stage for our introductions and to answer some Q & A.

I had never been on a panel with any of these authors before, but would do it again in a second. Such a fun, smart group of people! (I’m so thankful they let me join them.)

Here’s the happy bunch with photographer¬†Marisa Geraghty. She’d been taking pics throughout the conference, so they finally made her get into one of them!

Of course, when I called home to describe the event, my son was most impressed by the excavator I passed while talking to him.

Teen Reader Con

Teen Reader Con

First, thank you to everyone who has made the launch of¬†Press Play a phenomenal success. I’m having a blast, and the fun has only just begun, which brings me to this upcoming weekend and Teen Reader Con.

The one event I failed to mention in¬†my interview on WNYT this weekend was this. I’m chalking it up to nerves and the mental countdown clock I had running in my head. Anyway, as you can see from above, the event is packed with amazing authors, and the day will unfold like this:

8:30-9:00    Arrival РTrivia games and book sale!

9:00-9:30 ¬† Rich Johns –¬†Act with Respect Always

9:45-10:15   Kick-off!! РWelcome the Authors

10:30-11:15  Session #1

11:30-12:15  Session #2; Lunch

12:30-1:15    Session #3; Lunch

1:30-2:15      Session #4

2:30-3:15     Main Session with Authors

3:15-4:00     Autographing

I think the best part of all this, that I simply cannot underscore enough, is that it’s free. Yup, it costs nothing. To have access like this for an entire day at no cost is simply amazing. There are few teen events like this nationally, so I urge you to take part.

Each Session is a presentation from each author. So, if for nothing else, come and spend 45 minutes in a small group setting learning about all of the authors. I guarantee you will be entertained.

Any additional information can be found on the website, and I’ve added my¬†video message from there for your enjoyment. I hope to see you this weekend.

Teen Reader Con

Shenendehowa Middle Schools
970 Route 146
Clifton Park, NY 12065