Reviews for Look Past

Forever Young Adult: This was a hard core book, but like Devine’s other books, this was some dark, dark stuff…But one doesn’t read Eric Devine to feel good about life. This was dark, gritty and topical. I enjoyed it.

Booklist: …readers seeking a hero living with personal identity challenges will find Avery’s struggles with social and personal injustice compelling. Devine has written an edgy and timely thriller that readers won’t want to put down.

Kirkus Reviews: A solid serial-killer thriller for horror fans who’d like to root for the queer kid.

YA Books Central: Disturbing glimpse into a small town where a horrific transphobic murder shakes not only the residences but a teen to the core. Readers will see the darkness that shadows hatred against others.

Reviews for Press Play

American Library Association, Booklist Online: This is definitely a Devine novel; there’s so much sweat, blood, and adrenaline that you almost need to wring out the pages.”

Between Two Lockers, Forever Young Adult: 

Reviews for Dare Me

Kirkus Reviews: “Fully attuned to the adrenaline-fueled appeal of dares, Devine deftly conveys the dire consequences that can ensue once the first step is taken.” “Astute and riveting.”

Review from Forever YA: “I triple dog dare ya to read this one.”

Publishers Weekly review: “In a culture where online audiences are always ready for the must-see link of the moment and corporations are eager to capitalize on user-generated content, Devine’s story takes on a chilling reality.”

Booklist review: “This follow-up to Tap Out (2012) should further establish Devine as a go-to author for gritty stories about guys fighting on the fringe. . . . [W]onderfully inarticulate characters and subtle insight into our culture of quick but damaging fame.”

School Library Journal:
“The extreme dares will appeal to boys, but readers of both genders will identify with the fear and uncertainty Ben and his friends face…With timely subject matter yet universal themes, this novel should be a popular one.”


Reviews for Tap Out

Kirkus Reviews:
“A boy who knows only grinding despair finds hope within the walls of a gym. . . . This is bound to have huge appeal.”

School Library Journal Teen:
“Devine instantly captures your attention and holds it until the very end. . . . The storyline, the drama and the characters were all thoroughly put together.”

Publishers Weekly:
“Devine doesn’t pull any punches.”
“A lot of contemporary YA deals with serious issues, but Tap Out may be the most brutal, stark portrayal of the utter hopelessness that is a reality for a lot of kids”


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